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  • 18% of Russian oil production and 19% of Russian oil refining
  • The 2nd largest non-state publicly traded oil company worldwide by proven reserves of hydrocarbons
  • The 6th largest non-state publicly traded oil company worldwide by production of hydrocarbons
  • The largest Russian oil business group with annual turnover of over US$107 billion and net income of over US$9.1 billion
  • The company with second largest trading volumes among foreign companies traded on the London Stock Exchange (IOB) in 2008
  • A leader among Russian oil companies for openness and transparency. The first Russian company to receive full listing on the London Stock Exchange
  • The only private Russian oil company whose share capital is dominated by minority stakeholders
  • The largest tax payer of the Russian Federation. The total amount of taxes paid in 2008 is over US$38 billion

Lukoil Cyprus Limited

  • Presence in Cyprus since 2002 after purchasing 16 gas stations from BP Cyprus Ltd and ExxonMobil Cyprus Ltd
  • Now - 30 gas stations controlling around 11% of oil-products market in Cyprus
  • The sales around 5,5 tons of oil products per gas station/per day
  • The main strategy of Lukoil Cyprus Ltd for today is to fully renovate all comply with EC regulations and requirements, making emphasis on the efficiency of client service, green politics and safety of working conditions
  • Lukoil Cyprus Ltd is one of the biggest investors in the economy of the Republic of Cyprus